Industrialized Urbanism

Prefabricated Planning

Many homes today are being built using prefabrication, and these homes are called “Modular Homes”.  Modular homes are different from the traditional construction of homes on-site because modular homes are residences that are constructed entirely in factories and then transported to their sites on flatbed trucks.  The complete construction process for modular homes normally takes between 8-14 weeks depending on the size of the home.  Due to this quick construction period, these homes tend to a little more basic and less complex than homes built on-site.  However, an interesting fact about modular homes is that they tend to be sturdier than on-site constructed homes.  A study by FEMA found that modular homes withstood the wind and water from Hurricane Andrew better than most other homes in the area. 

From a personal level, I just find modular homes to have less character and originality than homes constructed on on-site.  Maybe I am a traditional guy at heart, but I just don like the look of them.  They just seem to “plastic-y” and cheap for my taste.


  • 8 December 2012